WiredBenefits provides products and services to help connect consumers, employers and healthcare providers. These product offerings help streamline the delivery of new services to better serve consumers and patients. They also reduce costs for employers and enable providers to create new value-added programs to increase their revenues.

In the rapidly evolving $1.9 trillion healthcare industry in the United States there is an enormous amount of waste in claims processing, adjudication, payment, tracking and other areas. Employers see their healthcare costs rising continually. Consumers are confused by their coverage and bills. Healthcare providers are looking for new ways to offer value-added offerings, increase revenues and reduce costs. To address these challenges, WiredBenefits offers a unique, flexible, transaction processing platform coupled with a selection of prepaid cards that help to streamline many of these complex, confusing and inefficient approaches in use today.

WiredBenefits works extensively to support a network of partners who bring these solutions to consumers and employers. These include Insurance carriers, TPAs, Payroll/Benefits Administrators, Health plans, Worksite Marketing Companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Wellness Providers, and Government (Medicare, Medicaid) agencies.

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